This is Ken Kittlitz's domain, AKA wendigo.com. I hold an MSc. in Computer Science from the University of Calgary, but am in constant danger of dropping it.

My main claim to fame is the Foresight Exchange, a market in which the "stocks" are claims about future events. It's the direct successor of a site called Idea Futures, which was the web's first prediction market, opening in 1994.

I and a partner, David Perry, have recently formed a company called Consensus Point to educate companies as to how prediction markets can help them with decision support and risk management.

I've worked at over half-a-dozen technology companies in my career thus far. One of the most successful was AudeSi Technologies, a start-up that focused on Java-enabled Internet devices. We sold out to Wind River Systems right at the peak of the tech boom -- what timing!

I then co-founded Javien, a company that tried to create "Web 2.0" years before that sad phrase became popular. We started right after the peak of the tech boom -- what timing! A few bumpy years ensued, but the company is still going, and I still help out sometimes.

Prior to AudeSi, I worked for Kumo, a company that built non-trivial web sites and applications (well ok, some of them were trivial, but we didn't advertise that). We had a group of good people, and our goal was to have fun and get rich. We had fun.

I've also worked for Nortel, which isn't a bad company, as far as big companies go. As far as big companies go, I went.


Somewhat dated now, but possibly still of interest:

Other Interests/Accomplishments

I'm a published author of horror fiction.

I brew beer at home, and consume it everywhere else.

I've played guitar in several alternative bands, all of which quickly achieved obscurity.

I have very catholic (not Catholic!) taste in music. Visit my CD collection and let me know if you think I'm suffering from multiple personality disorder.

I'm a casual treasure hunter, giving me lots of exercise and minimal return on investment.

Ken Kittlitz (2015-11-17)
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